Wedding Photography Tips

Here are 7 wedding photography tips to ensure that your wedding shoot goes very well.
wedding photography tips
If you are a digital SLR photographer it is likely that your photos are a source of inspiration and awe to your friends.

Sooner or later, it is inevitable that you will be asked to shoot a friend’s wedding. Or you might decide to start your own photography business. And this is where the real fun begins!

Whether you are shooting your friend’s wedding or shooting a wedding for a client, you will want to keep these handy wedding photography tips in mind before the shoot.

  • Get a second camera body. Machines fail. Your dSLR is a sophisticated, computerized piece of rubber, plastic and metal. It is also a machine and it will fail. It is better that you prepare yourself for this and bring a second body. You can either use the second body to shoot with (recommended) or use it as a backup.
  • Shoot fast. Shoot smart. The ability of dSLRs to shoot many exposures per second is brilliant, indeed. While it may seem fun to blast off 8 frames per second of the first dance, that is an extra 8 fps you will need to process. A wedding is a fast-paced affair. You must get all the important shots but you must also be smart about it.
  • Shoot in RAW. Personally, I like to shoot in RAW because it helps with tip #2 above. In RAW mode, files take up a lot more space so I have to be more careful with how I want to fill up my memory card. RAW files also provide you with more flexibility when it comes to post-processing.
  • Use a flash and get a diffuser if needed. Churches have low light. Outdoor receptions are typically during the afternoon in bright light. In both of these situations you will need light. In the former situation to brighten up the scene and in the latter to add fill light.
  • Turn that annoying camera beep off. Most of the entry level dSLRs come with the annoying beep enabled that lets you know when the camera has picked up focus, or when the shutter is released or whatever. Turn this off. Not only is it annoying to others, it is also quite distracting. You especially don’t want your camera to beep when Uncle Ralph is near your head taking the “official” video of the wedding.
  • Get a list of shots needed from the couple. Whether friends or not, the couple wants shots of the people at the wedding. Talk to the couple several days (and weeks) before the wedding to confirm exactly what they want. You don’t want to miss taking Uncle Ralph’s photo because, unknown to you, he was the sole financier of the wedding!
  • New angles, new look. Change your perspective to get a fresh new look on the same old, same old. A bride and groom holding hands is nice and all but tilt the camera a bit and it becomes more interesting. Better yet, shoot from down low with the idea of capturing the moment as if you were a 3 year old with a camera. Anything that adds interest will definitely add to your skills as a photographer.

Of course, once you’ve shot a few of these events, you’ll be making up your own wedding photography tips!


A wedding is a fun and joyous occasion. You have been hired (or bribed) into participating in creating a special set of memories for the bride and groom.

Keeping these seven wedding photography tips in mind will help you to have a smooth and fun-filled shoot.

Remember to relax and get into your groove. You are the photographer and you are in charge!

Love your camera. Love yourself. Love your photos.