Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1 5.1MP MPEG-4 High Definition Camcorder: An Excellent Camera

The Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1 is a digital HD camera that is not merely small and light but stylish. Your fond memories and memories may be caught in glorious high-definition. It is possible to shoot with little shaking as result of the digital camera’s vertical design.

The 2.2 color OLED or organic light emitting diode screen can be viewed easily in bright sunlight. In addition to shooting high definition video footage, the Xacti could also shoot 5.1 megapixel still images. With a 1 GB SD card, over 21 minutes of 720 pixel video could be captured by the HD1, and over 42 minutes with a 2GB card. The Xacti captures video in MPEG 4 which is a standard that delivers clarity and detail. The video clips can be recorded both long and with high quality, since the files are conveniently small.

If you want to go into standby mode, you can simply close the LCD display screen. It will take at most 2 seconds to start up again when you open the display screen. There’s no need to worry about the tape deck getting started, since the long process will be skipped as the camera records straight away to the SD flash memory cards. You will be able to get more natural footage even if you shakejust a little. The image stabilizer is able to detect when the movement of the camera is deliberate, or an unintended camera shake. You can get up close with the impressive 10x optical zoom. If you’d like to zoom in even more, the digicam has 100x digital zoom.

When you choose the mode which is best suited to the subject, the HD1 will create breathtaking images. Both video and still pictures could be done using the scene selection mode. Aside from scene selection mode, it is possible to choose fireworks, sports, landscape, portrait and night view. It’s very simple to show your friends and family the video clips and images you made. With many connections, you have more possibilities than just television playback. You may also post to the web, make a DVD after transferring to your laptop or dubbing it to a VCR or DVD recorder. If you are looking for a great HD camera with excellent options, then the Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1 could be for you.

This digital camera can take photographs and make videos, in addition to many other things. In case you have never purchased an HD camera before, you should include the Sanyo as a possibility. If you are willing to do some extra research, you might be rewarded.